Product - Integrity Risk Rating

Fintegrity Analytics' principal product is the Integrity Risk Rating Service, which is a two part offering: 

The Integrity Risk Rating is a proprietary metric which analyses and risk assesses the integrity of company financial statements. We pro-actively look for evidence of 'stretched' accounting which does not adequately reflect commercial realities.

  • The Rating is comparable across sectors and is a predictive measure of companies' potential vulnerability to future failure.

The Corporate Governance Integrity Rating identifies internal control failings arising from inadequate Corporate Governance procedures. 'Red Flags' indicate areas of concern and may be predictors of future failure.

  • Our analysis highlights potential weaknesses and goes far beyond conventional investment and financial analysis techniques.

The Integrity Risk Rating Service is a reliable "Early Warning Indicator" of potential future failure. It provides users with a range of options - ask more questions, seek management change, avoid the company, go short. 

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